If you are looking at webhosting sites, it is common to compare a number of them. Some will offer you free domain names while other will have better customer support. When it comes to comparing the different providers, it is important to make a detailed list of the pros and cons for each site. So, what about HostGator vs. BlueHost? What are the key differences about them and which is better?

HostGator have three different plans that you can choose from, depending on how many websites you want to host and what your primary reason for using the host site is. For those who are wanting a recreational blog then there is a small budget plan with limited benefits but for those who want to use their website for business purposes, there is a business plan that offers you a lot more including a toll-free number for your business.

There is a 45 day money back guarantee with HostGator, so you have the time to work out whether this really is something for you. 45 days is plenty of time to use the cPanel and try the site builder to make sure that you are happy to use it. At the same time, you can test the customer support and check what the server reliability is like; whether you really do get 99.9 percent uptime like is ‘guaranteed’ through the website.

The only problem with HostGator is that you are not offered a free domain name and it will cost you around ten dollars a month extra for each website that you do have. BlueHost does offer a free domain name but only for one of them, so if you have multiple website that you want to be hosted then you will have to start paying for the domain name. This free domain name also only lasts for one year so it is not something that you should be basing your decision on completely.

BlueHost has an anytime money back guarantee, meaning that no matter how long you have been with the hosting site, if you are not happy then you can leave and gain back any money for the length of time that you have paid up to. This is great if at first you find it really helpful but then the customer support falters or they do not live up to the expectations that you had. The 99.9 percent of website uptime is also guaranteed but with the anytime money back guarantee, you have more time to see if this is really true.

BlueHost only has one plan available for everybody, which may not suit all those that are looking for website hosting site. There is nothing extra available for those who use their websites for businesses and nothing small and simple for those who only want one website for recreational use.

When it comes to comparing HostGator vs. BlueHost, it all depends on what you are looking for in a website hosting site. While BlueHost offers the anytime money back guarantee, HostGator offers something for website owners no matter the reason they have them.