When it comes to having an Internet business, it can be worth looking for HostGator dedicated server hosting rather than relying on the shared servers. This way, nobody else can affect whether your website is constantly online, except for how much you are running through the server. It does cost a lot more than just using the shared servers, so if you are only using your website for recreational purposes and not gaining a lot of income from it, then it may not be for you.

The dedicated servers are available for those who are running off Windows or off Linux and there are four different plans available on each: Basic, Standard, Elite and Pro. Which one you go for, is dependent on what you are wanting for your business and how much money you are willing to spend each month on a dedicated server.

Most businesses will need more than one computer running on the server, which can mean multiple IP addresses. You can have up to 13 IP addresses running through dedicated servers, whereas the shared servers can only hold one IP address. This is perfect if you have multiple offices or you’re a work from home business with others working from their own homes.

The main difference between the plans is the amount of memory on the servers. You can have between 2GB and 8GB, depending on what your business is for. A smaller business will only need the smaller amount but if the business does grow, it could be worth looking at investing in more money so that you are more efficient at any orders. You also need to look at the processor when it comes to being efficient. A quad core processor is perfect if you are planning on doing a lot at the same time but some businesses will be capable of running off duel core processors. If you are unsure what this technical knowledge, it is worth searching the Internet or having an IT technician that can make the decisions for you. Most businesses will need an IT technician, especially an Internet business, so it is worth looking for one anyway.

All the dedicated servers come with the same support that a shared server does. You will still be able to use the Site Builder or use your WordPress or Joomla and you will also use the same cPanel that you have grown used to. The only difference is that it will run a lot faster and you can do much more.

If you want to run a fast-paced, Internet-based business, it is important that you opt for HostGator dedicated server hosting rather than the shared servers. While it does cost a lot more money each month, it will help you expand your business so that you are more likely able to earn more money and gain more traffic. You are not worried about someone doing too much to affect your server because you are the only one on it; if something goes wrong, it is your fault.